Why choose Excellence Landscape?

Throughout our history, we have invested in people and equipment and refining our processes.  We are also customer-focused – proud of our flexibility and our demonstrated ability to exceed expectations. Our experience in caring for residential and commercial customers of all sizes reflects our ability to deliver uncompromised personalized results by providing best-practice work procedures and excellent cost-effectiveness. Our solutions cover all aspects of landscaping, such as design, construction, maintenance, choosing, and purchasing of indoor plants and nursery materials. We are your one-stop for all your landscaping needs for small to large scale jobs. We use a team of professionals to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Landscaping Services

Our crew of garden maintenance professionals is renowned for a depth of horticultural knowledge, creativity, innovative problem-solving, higher safety standards, and a proactive way of meeting your house’s needs.  Many of our clients have already been using these services for more than 20 years — a testament to the long-term outcomes.


Planting Services

Plants are what bring gardens to life! Plants draw hummingbirds and butterflies and provide shade on hot days, flavorful fruits, and a lot of other benefits. We are devoted to gardens that are noninvasive, drought-resistant, helpful, and amazing– out of majestic trees down into the very delicate ground cover. Our goal is to facilitate a meaningful relationship between the land and people.



We all know all there is to learn about masonry. When you call our expert team, we will aid you with every step of the procedure. If you’ve got a plan in mind, we can help to make your dream a reality. With years and years of business experience, we’ve got the skills to transform your backyard. If you want to be proud of your outdoor space once again, look no further.


Waterfalls and Ponds Design

Water from the backyard soothes the spirit and completes the garden experience. We use natural filter technologies to get rid of the need for pond cleaning chemicals, developing a healthy environment for fish and aquatic plants. We’re a well-established firm and keep intimate relationships with our clients, both during and after project completion.

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Nicolas M.

With winter approaching I wanted to make sure my garden was ready for it! In addition, he checked all irrigation systems around the front and back yard which helped bring down water usage and make the yard and garden more efficient.

Maria W.

Had a major rebuild on my landscape and they were awesome! If you are looking for major work done or routine maintenance or even perhaps someone to set and design your garden landscape, I would recommend their services.

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