Waterfall & Ponds Design Services

A waterfall in your garden completes the garden experience and soothes the soul. We use natural filtration technologies to eliminate the demand for cleaning chemicals, creating a healthy environment for fish and aquatic plants.

As with fountains, water from a waterfall’s sound can have an extremely strong impact on how we feel. Pump sizing and water flow are all crucial in the design of a water feature that is wonderful. Knowing the intention behind the sound is a significant element of the design. A gentle splash can be quite relaxing, whereas a larger flow of water from a larger height, attracts attention and can become an overwhelming disturbance.

In Excellence Landscape, we specialize in building and the design of all kinds of water characteristics, such as spillways, ponds and water walls.

Each feature is custom built to client specification and incorporates a assortment of finishes including glass, stainless steel, stone, mosaics and copper.

When creating those ideal water features which you want, we use water wall equipment including spillways and water generators, pond pumps filters and lighting of the maximum quality and value. We have used these backyard water features and consequently can check the caliber to construct every moment to a perfect water feature.

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