Planting Services

Excellence Landscape Planting Services is devoted to the design, setup, and upkeep of indoor and outdoor setups. Adding indoor plants has a direct positive impact, making it one of the easiest ways to produce a more vibrant atmosphere inside your specialist, residential or retail home. The advantages are well recorded: not only do indoor crops brighten up your inside, but they are able to decrease stress and remove volatile substances from air.

Not just house plants, the interior plants we utilize comprise palms and other tropical plants that clean the air, plus indoor trees and indoor plants of attention such as dracaena and orchids.

Caring for indoor plants require specific knowledge and regular support. Our solutions include choice, design, and delivery of proper potted plants, watering, pruning, averting insects like aphids, removing spent blossoms and foliage and providing seasonal changes.

In addition, we offer custom displays for particular times of the season, from spring and fall arrangements to complete holiday decorations and light. Should you need plants for a special event, we have a leasing program with layout, collection, and care tips to guarantee success at your own event and plant life.

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